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PPCFL Presentations:  What Do The Results Tell Us?

This is the second year Pikes Peak Citizens for Life (PPCFL) has been doing a power point presentations on fetal development for youth groups in both Catholic and Protestant churches. The first year we did seven. This year we have done 19. Collectively, we have talked to well over 600 young people. At the end of a presentation, we ask the youth to fill out a critique sheet listing what they liked “Best”, “LEAST” and “Other Comments”. The responses have been overwhelmingly positive. Here are a few examples on “best”:

  • “Makes you realize abortion is not the best option.”
  • “I liked it when you talked about the ultrasound saving babies.”
  • “I liked seeing the estimated size of the baby at different stages.”
  • “The babies you gave us.”( each student receives a 12 week old pneumatic rubber model of an unborn baby)
  • “Fun to listen to – interesting – kept my attention.”
  • “Changed my opinion on abortion.”
  • “Why is this not presented in schools?”
  • “Thank you!! You really made a positive impact on me.”

Examples of what they liked “least”…

  • “The sperm and the egg picture.”
  • “The feeling of the rubber baby.”
  • “Babies scare me.”

These comments reveal to us that our young people are not receiving the simple basic important facts on the unborn. This spring and summer PPCFL will be working diligently to expand this program into more churches and the parochial schools for school year 2010-11. If you know of a youth group or a school who might like more information on such a presentation, please contact our office at 719-630-1999 — or send us an e-mail:

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