When Killing Babies Isn’t Enough – Fall 2022 Appeal

Dear Friend of Life,

Over the past couple of years remarkable progress has been made on a national level in the pro-life movement. Sanctuary Cities for the Unborn were upheld by the courts, as was the Texas Heartbeat Act. With the Dobbs decision this summer, the U.S. Supreme Court sent Roe v. Wade into the trash heap of history.

Unfortunately, instead of embracing and protecting women and children, Colorado’s anti-life politicians dug through the garbage, and sewed together a rotting corpse they christened the “reproductive health equity act” (RHEA). As a result of their efforts, killing Colorado children is now defined as “health care” in facilities with miniscule regulatory oversight, and medical professionals have been stripped of basic protections to conscientiously object to participating in pre-birth murder. These legislators are now pressing for an amendment to enshrine this rotten refuse in the Colorado constitution.

Not content with unrestrained abortion, anti-life forces are doing all they can to silence voices celebrating human LIFE. Pro-life groups are facing unprecedented censorship. Our very own sponsorship of Family Life Night at the ball park – a positive, life-affirming event for the whole family – was abruptly cancelled by the Rocky Mountain Vibes. They suddenly discovered an ultra-sound bus, I’m a fan for Family LIFE freebies, and fans wearing Choose Life t-shirts “would hinder the team’s mission in providing fun and affordable family entertainment.” Seriously. That was the team’s official reason for aborting Family Life Night at the ballpark.

Here’s the problem, anti-life interest groups and politicians are not content with unlimited abortion. Their ultimate target is destruction of every weak or “unwanted” member of the human family. Most voters don’t understand that if powerful forces are able to successfully rationalize taking some lives, it won’t be long before they rationalize the taking all lives through assisted suicide, euthanasia, and more. Our latest billboard campaign is striving to open eyes.

Loss of a respect for life at any stage of life from conception to natural death leads to a loss of respect for life generally.

It is the mission of our entirely volunteer organization to promote a respect for life within our community. In addition to our advertising, we are endeavoring to make abortion and assisted suicide/euthanasia unthinkable through our newsletters, social media and website, at our presentations and human development information booths, via our Sidewalk Advocates, and through our special events including the Life Chain and Roses for Life.

Please continue to support us financially. Your donations help PPCFL convey the fundamental truth that human LIFE is worth saving, protecting, and defending – at every age and every stage.

Please vote for candidates who will respect all human life. Thank you for joining PPCFL in defending Life!

Matt Niedzielski, President of Pikes Peak Citizens for Life

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