When Are Human Lives Valued in Colorado – Spring 2023 Appeal

Dear Friend of Life,

It’s a stark question. Colorado politicians and big money donors are stacking the deck against Humanity. Healthy or sick, young or old, born or preborn, Colorado laws allow doctors to kill our fellow humans – especially the vulnerable or those labeled “unwanted.”

In 2016, nearly $4.8 million poured into our state to gain approval of assisted suicide with no reasonable safeguards for the vulnerable. In 2020, $9.0 million more was spent to prevent us from outlawing barbarous late-term abortion.

Last year we thought we had witnessed the worst when the Colorado legislature and governor used a 100% party-line vote to foist the so-called Reproductive Health Equity Act (RHEA) upon Colorado. The fruit of this unjust law:

  • Every child – preborn and newborn – is nothing other than property that can be disposed of – for any reason.
  • It denies every preborn child any independent or derivative rights under the laws of Colorado.
  • It defines the brutal murder of preborn children as “health care” and may be used to allow infanticide.
  • It jeopardizes parental notification laws and conscientious objection protections for medical personnel.

Sadly, human death enthusiasts are now pushing a barrage of legislation dubbed “RHEA 2.” They are seeking to:

  • Outlaw access to abortion pill reversal treatment and restrict information on no-cost alternatives to abortion.
  • Allow minors to obtain abortion referrals and contraceptives without a parent’s knowledge.
  • Force employers, medical professionals, and medical centers to provide abortion-related services.
  • Overturn Colorado provisions prohibiting public funding of abortion.

The fact that mothers often regret abortion is vehemently denied, as is the fact that many families do want these children. Unfortunately, an effort is underway to enshrine RHEA in the Colorado constitution next year. Hence, it is vitally important that the people of Colorado be educated to understand the perils of turning Colorado into a disposable society before “unwanted” children have less rights than single-use plastic bags!

Laws that encourage “unwanted” humans to be killed or commit suicide eventually erode the right to life for EVERY human. Therefore we must ask the question: Who will decide which humans are wanted, valued, and protected? Our latest campaign responds by declaring that we are called to value every human life!

Pikes Peak Citizen for Life is strategically positioned to bring the message of life to the Pikes Peak region – and hold our local leaders accountable. In addition to our advertising, we have a monthly newsletter, a website, social media, focused presentations, and human development information booths, as well as Sidewalk Advocates and special events.

Our entirely volunteer organization will engage our community before it is presented with the question of putting RHEA into the constitution. With your financial support we can magnify our results.

The struggle to defend humanity has never been more important. Thank you for your support of Life!

Matt Niedzielski, President of Pikes Peak Citizens for Life

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