What A Difference a Border Makes

Our neighbor to the north, Wyoming, has put in place their Life is a Human Right Act, which protects preborn children by prohibiting elective abortions, as reported by LifeNews.

An existing Wyoming law that banned abortions has been held up in court, so the Wyoming legislature took action by passing this new law, which “[goes further] than the current ban by protecting all unborn babies, including those conceived in rape and incest.”

The new law “clearly states that the ban does not include abortions when the mother’s life is at risk, or miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy care.”

So as you drive north on I-25 a preborn child suddenly becomes human with rights as you cross the border into Wyoming.

Simultaneously, the same child traveling south on I-25 suddenly becomes disposable property with no right to life or protections in law when she crosses over the border into Colorado.

What a difference a border can make!

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