Weld County Sanctity Of Life Resolution to Give Community Voice in Abortion

Trevor Malloy serves on the Board of Directors of Pikes Peak Citizens For Life and as a young adults minister in Colorado Springs. Trevor is passionate about advocating for victims of human trafficking and abortion, and ending injustice.

If Roe V. Wade, and Planned Parenthood V. Casey are overruled, abortion through all forty weeks of pregnancy would continue in Colorado. This is because Colorado recently enacted the most extreme infanticide law in the nation. Not all Coloradans support that however. Courageous advocates are standing in Weld County to create a Sanctuary For The Unborn that will protect babies, women, and families from the trauma of abortion.

The “Expression of Support For the Sanctity Of Life Of The Unborn Child And Of Motherhood” is an idea brought forward by Weld County residents and Commissioners Lori Saine and Perry Buck. The proclamation would empower Weld County government to exercise local control with zoning to prevent businesses undesirable or harmful to Weld County, such as abortionaries, from entering Weld County.

The state RHEA abortion law goes so far as to allow abortion facilities unrestricted access to open anywhere, including next to churches, schools, and in residentially zoned neighborhoods. Colorado’s abortion law violates county zoning and building code authority, as the state attempts to coerce local communities to have abortion facilities. Commissioner Saine proposed further to direct county attorneys sue Colorado in court over the state’s “infringement, overreach and misuse of statutes against the counties of Colorado in zoning and building code regulations.”

On April 20, and on May 16, 2022, at Weld County Board of Commissioners meetings, impassioned local advocates called for commissioners to create a Sanctuary For The Unborn and pass the “Sanctity of Life” resolution.

Lyn Tausan, a resident of Greeley, spoke of the historical support for challenging unconstitutional state power grabs. At the May 16 Commissioners meeting, Ms. Tausan referenced a talk by Weld Sheriff Steve Reams, who recently reminded voters of numerous state laws and regulations Weld County resisted over the years. She reminded commissioners how they resisted the state’s red flag gun law, making Weld County a Second Amendment Sanctuary County. Lyn Tausan called out the state’s latest abortion law as “an evil and heinous act… which allows abortion after birth, no parent notification for minors to have an abortion, and local communities have lost their voice to resist – until now.”

“We the people are trusting you to take a stand for life, just as you responded quickly to the red flag laws in 2019, to protect our gun rights.” Lyn Tausan continued, “today we are trusting you will do the same for human life, the life of our babies, and take action to protect human life.” She referenced Psalms 127, “Children are a gift from the LORD; they are a reward from him.”

Steven Grant, senior pastor of Destiny Christian Center, also shared testimony, “Today, Colorado’s abortion policy is no different than North Korea. Colorado’s abortion policy will rip a child and kill it as it comes through the birth canal. Today, you can abort a child for any reason, at any time. In Colorado, you don’t even need to do it in a medical facility. Every abortion is a back alley abortion in Colorado. So because of that, your simple stand in declaring life, and taking a stand, speaks volumes. It’s going to be more than a zoning law. It may be the seminal vote when you stand one day before the Lord. So I urge you to adopt a resolution for Weld County that declares life. And again thank you to all of you, thank you to the county attorney… for considering these measures, and for the work you’ve done behind the scenes.”

“Every abortion is a back alley abortion in Colorado.”

Pastor Steven Grant, Destiny Christian Center

At the May 16, 2022 Weld County Commissioners meeting, several Colorado residents spoke in favor of adopting a life resolution. After listening to public comments, Commissioner Lori Saine moved to add a Sanctity of Life resolution to the agenda, which was also supported by Commissioner Perry Buck.

Commissioner Lori Saine explained the need for the resolution, “I come to you with open hands and an open heart today on a resolution that can bring truth and healing in the land that has been ripped apart by lies and the deceit of our spiritual enemy. It is a divide in which a war is being waged that we only see in the heart, in a mirror darkly. But today, it has never been more clear that this practice of abortion has torn a rent in this nation’s relationship with its Creator, with heaven and hell lining up on both sides of protest and threats and destruction against the church. …”

Commissioner Saine continued, “So how does human sacrifice change the heart? I’ll remind you that there’s a doctor across this county line that has perfected the process of ripping, gouging, and gnashing of human beings in the womb at six, seven, eight, or even nine months. There’s a law that just recently passed that codified that those human beings have no right to life. That sacrifice not only changes the hearts of those directly involved, it also changes the lives around the issue by the nature of its perversity. So friends, how well a sacrifice is it for us to name the unborn, how essential is it for us, because dehumanizing a baby is a cover for the very people carrying out this evil. Calling a human being a clump of cells gives cover to this darkness. Therefore, we have a power to name the most vulnerable of us, who are not treated as human. And even if they never receive a traditional name, they can at least be given the truth of their humanity. These babies being pulled apart in their mother’s womb are created human, which means they are created in the image of God, and are fearfully and wonderfully made. When we murder another human being, we are destroying the image bearer, the very face of God, the face of our Lord Jesus. So how much more will we stand before a judge if we murder the most innocent and vulnerable, if we do nothing, especially if it’s in our power to give. The answer for nothing is also answered in scripture, as in when did we fail to serve you Lord? And the King will answer them, truly I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of my brothers you did it to me. … God desires obedience more than tithing or pretention. Weld County’s been blessed with providence and prosperity, and as leaders we can and should address the first thing listed in the state constitution as an unalienable right, which is life.”

“William Wilberforce, his name lives on, not because he was successful the first time with the first bill to abolish slavery, to humanize those who were treated as less than human. His name lives on because of the struggle between good and evil. And I’m grateful to serve a Master who will not allow me to be silent, and only he can use this broken vessel to serve. So I urge you to put this on the agenda today and pass it, because the time to protect the innocent is always now. And therefore, I will introduce this resolution to get the name of human, to those who need no other name for us to stand there and protect them. So I urge you to pass this today, and put it on the agenda so we can take a vote,” Commissioner Saine ended.

Commissioner Perry said, “I believe that every child, unborn and born, that they all have the opportunity to succeed right here in Weld County. So I would just like to second that motion.”

County Attorney Bruce Barker previously addressed the measure at the April 20, 2022 commissioners meeting, “There’s this notion of becoming a sanctuary county, there is no legal precedent for that or effect of becoming a sanctuary county.” Mr. Barker seems to be unaware that forty-nine local governments in four states, Texas, Ohio, Nebraska, and Iowa, have passed enforceable Sanctuary For The Unborn ordinances prohibiting abortion within municipal limits. The Sanctuary For The Unborn ordinances passed are in effect immediately, without waiting for Roe to be overruled or for the enactment of a state abortion ban. These local measures rely on private citizen suits for civil enforcement, not criminal enforcement, much the same as the Texas Heartbeat Act, which is also in effect.

Efforts to successfully pass Sanctuary For The Unborn measures, in a growing number of municipalities, are being spearheaded by Mark Lee Dickson of Sanctuary Cities For The Unborn. Mr. Dickson continues to advocate for more jurisdictions to enact enforceable sanctuary ordinances that prohibit abortion on the local level. This is critical in Colorado, even with Roe overruled abortion would be legal in the state. We can protect life in Colorado by enacting Sanctuary For The Unborn measures at the city, town, and county level.

Commissioner Moreno argued against the pro-life resolution, “I object to the process of how it’s being presented, it’s not the role of the Board of County Commissioners here… you’ve heard from the County Attorney… I oppose putting this type of resolution forward as the Board of County Commissioners.”

The Commissioners proceeded to vote at the May 16, 2022 meeting, with Commissioners Perry and Saine voting in favor of life, Commissioners Moreno and James voting no, and Commissioner Freeman absent, however Commissioner Freeman previously refused to support the measure at the Commissioners meeting on April 20, 2022.

You can help to restore Weld County community’s voice on life. Call the commissioners and ask them to support making Weld County A Sanctuary For The Unborn and to support the Sanctity of Life resolution introduced by Commissioners Saine and Buck.

Commissioners who have refused to vote for the life resolution:
Scott James, Chair (970) 336-7204 Email sjames@weldgov.com
Steve Moreno (970) 336-7204 Email smoreno@weldgov.com
Mike Freeman (970) 336-7204 Email mfreeman@weldgov.com
Note: The receptionist answers the switchboard for all the commissioners, let the receptionist know the commissioner you are calling to reach and ask to be transferred.

Thank the commissioners who are supporting the life resolution:
Lori Saine (970) 336-7204 Email: lsaine@weldgov.com
Perry Buck (970) 336-7204 Email: pbuck@weldgov.com
Lori Saine is running for Congress in Colorado’s new 8th Congressional District.

Giuliana Day, pro-life leader of Life Decisions released a statement:
“The latest RHEA (abortion) law prohibits local governments from enforcing zoning and building codes that may interfere with the use of a facility to provide abortion services. Resolutions like this one are a good way to challenge the RHEA law. So, we are looking for cities and counties to propose similar Life Resolutions. If you know of any city or county that would like to join the efforts, please contact me at LifeDecisions365@gmail.com to coordinate the details.”

You can email the author to become involved in Sanctuary For The Unborn efforts in Colorado trevor@ppcitizensforlife.org

Sign the petition to support your city and county becoming a Sanctuary For The Unborn https://sanctuarycitiesfortheunborn.com/online-petition

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