Wednesday Marks Beginning of 40 Days for Life

b2ap3_thumbnail_icon_alert_5.pngAnother 40 Days for Life kicks off tomorrow, Wednesday September 24, on the sidewalk in front of the local Planned Parenthood location.

The 40 Days for Life event is a community-based campaign that seeks to peacefully demonstrate the consequences of abortion by use of a three-point program: prayer and fasting, a constant vigil, and community outreach. More about the mission of 40 Days for Life is available at their web site.

The 40 Days for Life program works; it has contributed to the closing of a number of abortion facilities, most notably the one in Texas at which it began. We are praying that the Colorado Springs facility will join the rank of closed locations soon.

A couple of special events will mark the opening of the new 40 Days for Life campaign, a Catholic Mass on Wednesday at noon and a non-denominational prayer gathering on Friday at 10 am.

Help us to reduce the evil of abortion in Colorado Springs by participating in this 40 Days for Life event. Many churches are signing up volunteers, or you can sign up by going to the web site for the Colorado Springs event.

For more information on location and times, see our event calendar.

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