Watch Interview of Julie Bailey

Recently Julie Bailey, vice president of Pikes Peak Citizens for Life, was interviewed by Gordon Klingenschmitt for the Pray in Jesus’ Name program.

In the wide-ranging conversation with Gordon, Julie was able to touch on a number of pro-life topics including the following:

  • Sidewalk Advocates for Life
  • Worldwide statistics on abortion
  • Initiative 120, the Due Date Too Late effort
  • What defines a human
  • Together for Life, a new PPCFL program
  • 40 Days for Life
  • Unplanned movie

We have communicated to you on these topics before, but often only in the form of text on a computer screen. In the interview you can actually see Julie talk about these topics.

The interview is about a half hour, so grab a cup of coffee and see Julie talk about many of the pro-life activities occurring in the Pikes Peak area.

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