Vote Yes on Proposition 115

What we came to know as Initiative 120 or Due Date Too Late, the initiative to end abortion after 22 weeks gestation in Colorado, has a new name. The initiative will appear on the Colorado November 3rd Ballot as Proposition 115.

Pro-life organizations around the state are working hard to get the word out about this initiative so that Colorado voters understand what is at stake. This is our best opportunity in years to make a substantive change to the “anything goes” abortion laws in our state. In Colorado Springs, we are working closely with churches and other organizations to launch effective messaging. More to come on that soon. In the meantime, lots of info is available at the following sites and social media pages: &

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    1. There are a few yard signs available at the Pikes Peak Citizens for Life office. Please call the office 719-630-1999 to arrange pick up.

  1. I would like a sign Vote Yes on prop 115. Two would be better. I saw one on a neighbor’s. How can I get one? Debbie

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