Video Links: Are the Unborn HUMAN?

Lia Mills from Teen Defenders is back with another in her lessons on LIFE. In this video, Lia exposes the flawed logic in the 4 categories of arguments that proponents of abortion use to dehumanize our unborn children: Check out the video – hear it for yourself!

Here’s a short takeaway of Lia’s main points … easy to review and remember!

And if you’re into mnemonics as memory tools, think SLED

Size Level of Development Environment Dependency


Q: How can something so small be a human?

A: Is society saying that the unborn aren’t human because they aren’t as big as us?

By that logic, a toddler would be LESS human than adult, just by being smaller.

That would be SIZE-ISM, and society shouldn’t discriminate against those who are small!

The size of a baby, unborn (at ANY stage) or born, doesn’t define its humanity.

Conclusion: A person is a person, no matter how small.


Q: How can a fetus be human? It isn’t fully developed. It can’t think or feel pain or even know it exists.

A: It isn’t possible to know exactly when an unborn child does start to do these things. But it’s wrong to assume that humanity is defined or based on any of these factors.

Following that logic, a person who has a congenital insensitivity to pain (CIPA disorder) would be considered inhuman.

Further, human development doesn’t stop at birth, but rather continues to around the age of 16.

Conclusion: To define humanity based on a person’s level of development is arbitrary and wrong.


Q: How can an unborn baby be human? It isn’t in the world yet – it’s in its mother’s body, and doesn’t even breathe air.

A: Look at a baby 1 day before being born vs. 1 day after birth.

Both are dependent on their mothers for life, although one’s in the mother’s womb and the other in the mother’s home.

What makes it OK to kill one, and not the other?

Conclusion: WHERE you are doesn’t define WHO you are as a person – and it doesn’t define your right to life.


Q: Most abortions occur in the first trimester, when a fetus is dependent on its mother’s body to survive. How can the fetus be human when it can’t survive on its own, and is completely dependent on the mother for survival?

A: Logic that would define humanity based on ability to survive is flawed.

A 1-week old baby – or even an older minor child – relies on others for survival.

So does an adult who is on life support or a pacemaker – or on welfare.

Conclusion: To some degree or another, we are ALL dependent on others – and our level of dependence does NOT make us either MORE or LESS human.

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