UPDATED: Vaccine Straight Talk

In a post on January 15 I brought to your attention a particularly informative interview of Pamela Acker regarding COVID vaccines. I have discovered that the interview is no longer available on YouTube but is available on Rumble. The following then is the Jan 15 post only with the links modified to point to Rumble instead of YouTube.


We are being bombarded with information about COVID vaccines.

We are being pressured to be inoculated with one of the vaccines.

But are we really being told everything we need to know?

Are the vaccines morally developed and produced?

Is it possible a COVID vaccine is more dangerous than the virus itself?

Is it the case that for a large number of us it is better not to receive a vaccine?

John-Henry Weston from LifeSiteNews conducted a very helpful interview with Pamela Acker in which these questions are addressed.

The interview is an hour long, but it is well worth viewing. So, get some tea or coffee, and learn what you need to know to make an informed decision on whether or not you should agree to receive a vaccine, COVID or otherwise.

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