Updated Due Date Too Late Website

As we continue to work at informing voters about the Due Date Too Late ballot initiative (also known as Initiative 120 and now as Proposition 115), the Due Date Too Late organization has updated their website.

The new home page for the website has answers to several frequently asked questions. Familiarity with the answers to these questions will help us as we communicate to others the importance of voting this November to end late-term abortion in Colorado.

Some of the questions answered on the website include:

  • Why should Coloradoans support a restriction on late term abortions – after 22 weeks?

  • Don’t the majority of people agree that abortion should be legal?

  • Aren’t some late term abortions more merciful than the birth of a child with a fatal fetal abnormality?

  • Does the Initiative take away women’s choice to an abortion?

  • Is this a partisan campaign?

  • Why does the initiative not seek to end all abortions?

  • How can a person become involved in the campaign?

Take a moment to check out the answers to these questions and others so that you can more effectively answer questions when promoting the initiative to family, friends, and the larger community.

Thank you for your efforts to defend life!

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