Sorry, I really didn’t mean to yell, but honestly, if you consider yourself pro-life, or if you’re a scoffer and think we’re all crazy to care so much about abortion, or if you’re somewhere in the middle, please, just go and see this movie.

It is still in over 700 theaters nationwide including one in Colorado Springs, the Regal Interquest 14. Go here to get your tickets in advance.

I have seen it three times. I may yet see it again. I’ve gone with friends who had high school daughters with them and it was extremely powerful to see their reactions. And talk about opening the door to some great conversations – oh, yeah! These young ladies told me they felt better prepared to have difficult conversations with their friends after seeing the movie. And I’ve heard adults say the same thing.

This movie is an honest look at one woman’s experience going from a rising star at Planned Parenthood to a passionate advocate for life.

If you’re that scoffer, what are you afraid of? If you believe abortion is an unalienable right and the key to women’s reproductive freedom, what do you have to fear from a 2 hour Christian movie?

Maybe you’ve seen the news about the movie reviewer from Florida who went (as a scoffer, a pro-choice reporter) and had her world rocked (the article is here) and you don’t want to take the chance of having any chinks exposed in that pro-choice armor. Well, I dare you…in fact I double dog dare you!

This film has rocked a lot of worlds. The twitterverse, for example. Or maybe you didn’t hear that the Unplanned twitter account was mysteriously suspended opening weekend. Oh and Variety magazine printed a negative online review of the movie that garnered pages of comments excoriating the reviewer for his obvious bias and defending the movie as a balanced portrayal.

As a result of the movie, people all over the country are reaching out to organizations like Pikes Peak Citizens for Life, Sidewalk Advocates for Life, and Life Network asking, “What can we do. We need to do something!”

The movie tagline nails it. What she saw changed everything. I bet you, if you haven’t seen it yet, it might just be because you know that it will do just that, and maybe you don’t want things to change.

Be courageous.

Be bold.

See the movie.

And see if it doesn’t just change everything you thought you knew or believed about abortion.

I dare you.

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