Understanding What Assisted Suicide Really Means

Physician assisted murder, typically called physician assisted suicide, was defeated in the Colorado state legislature this year, as it was last year.

So proponents of physician assisted murder decided to investigate whether to sponsor a petition drive to put the question on the November ballot. As far as I know, this ballot initiative effort is still on-going.

My experience is that many people don’t really understand what physician assisted murder means, and even less what it can lead to once instituted.

A local speaker and journalist who has been writing on life issues for over 40 years has made available a presentation that can be a huge help in understanding the motivations behind physician assisted suicide and the consequences of allowing it to occur in our society.

The presentation is titled “Selling Suicide, Killing Hope” and is available at the web site of a local church. (Once you get to the website, scroll down and click on the presentation that is dated January 31, 2016.)

The presentation takes about an hour and a half but will provide you with a good foundation from which to evaluate any legislative proposals or ballot initiatives which attempt to bring physician assisted murder to Colorado.

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