Two Abortuaries Closed in Colorado

Colorado’s abortion environment is altering in the new post-Roe reality.

Two abortuaries in the state have been closed by Planned Parenthood, as reported by LifeNews, one in Steamboat Springs and the other in Alamosa.

Indications are that the reason for the closures was financial, i.e., these facilities were not making enough money. Other locations, notably in New Mexico, were deemed to have higher potential for profits due to increasing customers from Texas, Arizona and Utah.

Surprisingly, some abortion proponents are starting to catch on. “But even some abortion activists,” the article notes, “seem to be waking up to the reality that Planned Parenthood prioritizes abortion profits above real health care.”

As stated in the article, one of these disillusioned abortion proponents was the former manager of the Steamboat Springs abortuary who resigned in protest.

Another take away from the article is that these abortuaries were unable to profit from Colorado’s recently enacted Reproductive Health Equity Act which goes beyond the license given in Roe v. Wade.

Could this mean that, even with more liberalized laws, women are seeking abortion less and less in Colorado?

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