Trump Defunds Planned Parenthood Many Ways

Micaiah Bilger at LifeNews recently listed the ways in which President Trump has attempted to defund Planned Parenthood (PP)(not all attempts succeeded).

Seven ways were identified:

  • Defunding International Planned Parenthood

  • Defunding UNFPA (PP ally)

  • Cutting PP funding via Title X

  • Cutting funding to PP through the Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program (attempt stopped by court)

  • Helping states defund PP

  • Stopping PP from Coronavirus Relief Bill funding (though some PP affiliates have not returned funds)

  • Helping Texas defund PP

Though not successful, or only partially successful, with some of these attempts, it is certainly praiseworthy effort by the president to reduce the over $500 million that PP receives in tax dollars annually.

The report includes numerous hyperlinks to document each of these defunding attempts and I encourage you to check it out at LifeNews for more information on how the current federal administration is working to reduce federal funding for abortion.

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