TONIGHT, Dec 12– Pueblo Pro-Life Ordinance

Tonight the Pueblo City Council will be voting on a proposed pro-life ordinance in an effort to block the building in the city of an abortuary that would have late-term abortionist LeRoy Carhart at the helm.

If you are in a position to aid the effort to have this pro-life ordinance adopted, we invite you to do so.

Here is more information about this evening’s activities from Life Decisions:


Dear Pro-Life Warriors,

Last Wednesday, some members of the City Council in Pueblo, disinvited pro-life experts, but allowed ONLY pro-abortionists to speak at the City Council Work Session. Fortunately, a lawyer from ACLJ showed up to the meeting to address this injustice, so the members of the City Council admitted that it was wrong to only allow one side to speak. As a result:

  • The City Council will hold a Work Session on Monday, Dec.12, 2022 at 5:30 pm to allow the pro-life and pro-abortion sides to address the legal component of the ordinance. Afterwards, they will hold its Regular Meeting at 7:00 pm. Signups will be open to those in line beginning at 4:30 p.m. for those seeking attendance to the Work Session, Regular Meeting, Public Forum and for Public Hearing speaking or attendance.
    Pueblo City Council address: 1 City Hall Place Pueblo, CO 81003. Third Floor.
  • To make a public comment or testify through Zoom, you must call 719-553-2669 to sign up. The signup will begin at 6 p.m. For details and ways to watch the hearings, click here.
  • If you are attending the council meeting and/or work-session, we invite you to join us wearing the color BLUE to show unity.
  • If you are planning to speak in support of the ordinance, please sign up here. Our friends from Pueblo would like to coordinate with you. They are being advised by multiple legal teams on how to handle this session in the best way possible. Please, help us to accomplish that goal.

Mainly, we need people to pray for a positive outcome on Monday when the final vote for the ordinance will be decided. The Mayor has the power to veto the ordinance over the city council votes that don’t reach a super majority of 5-2 or greater. However, the Council may override the Mayor’s veto if at least five (5) members of the City Council vote to pass the ordinance over the Mayor’s objections.

Also, regarding the testimonies given by the OB-GYNs about this ordinance, Attorney Jonathan F. Mitchell, the author of the Pueblo ordinance, made the following statement:

“It is entirely legal, under both federal law and the proposed ordinance, to ship or receive drugs or devices as long as there is no intent to produce an abortion. The federal statutes and the proposed ordinance are as clear as can be on this. If there’s no intent to produce an abortion, then there’s no crime. This has been federal law since the 1870s. The OB-GYNs who claim that this will hinder the provision of non-abortion medical services are misrepresenting the federal statutes and the proposed ordinance.” – Jonathan F. Mitchell

Abortionist LeRoy Carhart not only kills innocent and defenseless babies, but also has a record of harming women.

Giuliana Day
President of Life Decisions
Mobile: 720-899-0897

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