Together For Life – Building the Pro-Life Community in Colorado Springs

At Pikes Peak Citizens for Life (PPCFL) we take seriously our mission to educate the public on the life issues. We fulfill our mission through presentations to a variety of groups, our newsletter, our website, radio ads, print ads, and billboards. On top of that good work, we’ve been yearning for several years to build a strong ecumenical pro-life community. We’ve seen our friends in Waco, TX, PRO-LIFE WACO, build their community through their 2nd Sunday Ecumenical Pro-Life Luncheon, and felt called to do something similar in Colorado Springs.

So, in January, instead of our normal Sanctity of Life Sunday observance outside at the Colorado Springs Pioneer Museum, we came in from the cold and celebrated life with a delicious chili luncheon and great speakers. Present with us that day to share their roles in the pro-life movement in Colorado Springs were Matt Niedzielski, PPCFL’s own president, David Galvan from Life Network, Mark Spengler from the City of Life Initiative, Joel Patchen from Anna’s Choice, Michele Mason, our local 40 Days for Life leader, Joni Shepherd from Hope and Grace International, and me to talk about Sidewalk Advocates for Life.

We were encouraged by attendance and by the enthusiasm expressed by those present to “do it again”. So, we’re going forward and planning a monthly event we’re calling Together for Life. Each month, on the third Sunday, we will meet for a meal and fellowship (Noon-1) and a program (1-2pm). We are currently planning these events for the Community Center downstairs at Divine Redeemer Catholic Church but stay tuned for details of future events.

February’s Together for Life event will have as its program theme Responsible and Active Pro-Life Citizenship. We hope you’ll join us Sunday and mark your calendar for EVERY 3rd Sunday so you won’t miss one of these great events.

Upcoming program themes include:

Transgender Issues: Responding with Reason, Research and Redemption

Who Can Relate: Life Network’s Suicide Prevention Program

Project Rachel – Post Abortive Healing Ministry

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