This Is Our Esther Moment

The crucial issue that won President Trump the election in 2016 was his key promise to reform the judiciary and appoint pro-life judges. Since becoming President, Trump has kept his promise to Christians and all pro-life Americans, by prioritizing the appointment of over 200 federal judges vetted by conservative legal organizations. Judges that consistently rule in line with the Constitution, religious freedom, and the truth “all humans born and unborn are made in the holy image of God.” – Donald Trump.

In the past, many Republican politicians have made empty promises to Christians to get elected, but Donald Trump has kept his word. He consistently advocates for the unborn. He has achieved more for the pro-life cause than any other president since Roe.

President Trump fought for employers to not be coerced to pay for abortion drugs in their Obamacare plans. He has halted federal taxpayer funded experimentation on aborted babies. By executive action, he protected the conscience rights of health care workers from coercion in assisting with abortion.

President Trump not only re-implemented the Mexico City Policy, which bans federal funding of international abortions, he expanded the policy. He has partially defunded Planned Parenthood, and removed abortion providers from receiving funds in the Title X program. He was the first President ever to attend the March For Life.

President Trump has advocated for the Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act and Born Alive Infants Protection Act. Democrats filibustered the legislation that would have protected babies born alive after failed abortions. This week, President Trump took executive action, requiring life-saving care be provided to abortion surviving newborns.

President Trump has promised to nominate a pro-life justice on Saturday. {He nominated Judge Amy Coney Barrett}

We must have righteous judgment. We should never say we won’t prosecute human traffickers because sexual assaults still happen, or we won’t do raids to save kidnapped children because kidnappings still happen, so in the same way we must offer equal protection under law for unborn humans even if abortions still happen.

For over 200 years, about 29 Supreme Court nominations have happened either before an election, or in between an election and inauguration. The President is mandated to fulfill his duty to the Constitution to nominate. He does not lose his authority in an election year, or stop being president until after the election.

The constitution authorizes the Senate to give advice and consent. Historically, when the same party controls the Senate and Presidency many of the nominees have been confirmed in an election year. When the Presidency and Senate majority are politically divided, the opposing party has voted down some election year nominees, while others nominees saw no action taken. Republican Senators followed history in 2016 by taking no action on then President Obama’s nominee, they fulfilled their constitutional duty of advice and consent in saying they did not consent.

Americans elected Trump with a mandate to take back the Supreme Court. Christians have prayed for Trump to end abortion. This moment is an answer to our cries to God, and the cries of millions of innocent babies.

In the Bible, God brought Esther to the kingdom to save her Jewish people from destruction. In 2020, God is raising up a righteous woman to the Supreme Court to save American babies from abortion. We are one Justice away. This is our Esther moment!

Trevor Malloy is a Colorado Springs pastor and serves on the Board of Directors for Pikes Peak Citizens For Life.

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