They Walk Among Us

Two weeks ago, a woman pulled up to the curb and rolled down her window.  She wanted to know what we were doing?  I told her, educating folks about Planned Parenthood and the holocaust that is going on inside that building.  She asked:  “What’s a holocaust?”  Since she appeared to be about 40, was driving a new vehicle, snazzily dressed and had beautifully coiffed hair, I figured she must have just missed that day in school when they talked about Hitler, the concentration camps, ovens, etc.  After explaining the history of WWII to her in 20 seconds, she said, “Well, Planned Parenthood does a great service to women! I donate to them whenever I can, and would volunteer there if I had time.” She also divulged that she had an abortion at 14, and didn’t want kids, with the statement: “I’m not a kid person.” I asked her to wait just a moment so I could give her a DVD (a copy of 180), but she drove off.

They walk among us…

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