The State of the State on Child Murder

On Friday April 14th the governor signed three anti-life bills that had been collectively referred to as “RHEA 2.0” in reference to the Reproductive Health Equity Act (RHEA) passed last year. The bills just signed by the governor will protect abortion and target pro-life pregnancy centers as detailed in this LifeSiteNews article.

Legally, then, the following four bills describe the state of the state of abortion in Colorado:

They make Colorado one of the most child murder-friendly locales on the face of the earth.

However, work is already underway to address this sad state of affairs. The Becket Fund for Religious Liberty has already filed a lawsuit against Colorado regarding SB23-190.

Another effort is endeavoring to address Coloradans in new ways to discover some way to communicate to people just how bad this legislation really is. We will all have a part to play in this mission.

Treating some people as less than human ultimately reduces respect for all people. It is critical that we find a way to reverse the course Colorado has taken before civilization itself is undermined.

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