The REAL Leading Cause of Death in America

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Dear Friend of Life,

Have you, like me, ever wondered where abortion would rank if it were actually considered a cause of death?

Researchers at the University of North Carolina took on that challenge, based on their stated premise: There is no credible scientific opposition to the fact that a genetically distinct human life begins at conception and that an induced abortion is a death. Yet, abortion is not reported as a cause of death in the U.S. vital statistics system.”

The researchers set out to correct the deficiency in death statistics. What they found was startling. The leading cause of death in America is abortion, and it accounts for nearly two-thirds of all non-Hispanic Black (61.1%) and Hispanic (64.0%) deaths!

Why have we not heard this before?

Pikes Peak Citizens for Life often stands alone in uncovering this critical “buried” information so that our friends and neighbors can make truly informed decisions, especially with an election on the horizon.

Our fall advertising campaign is broadcasting these facts to voters through billboards (see image with this post), radio, and newsprint – because voting pro-life makes a difference!

We also present vital pro-life messages in many forums – including our Sidewalk Advocates program that helps direct abortion-bound women towards life-affirming options.

Please help us publicize all the pro-life information – that our society tries to bury – with your financial gift today.

We are a 100% volunteer organization, so your entire gift will go towards the costs for delivering the pro-life message to our community. With your help PPCFL can continue to bring vital pro-life information to light.

Thank you for your defense of life, including your pro-life votes in the 2018 general election!

Matt Niedzielski, President of Pikes Peak Citizens for Life

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