The Indy Rejects Canceling of PPCFL Ad

The Colorado Springs Independentbelieves in diverse voices and diverse points of view.”

So says the paper’s publisher and executive editor, Amy Gillentine, in a column titled “Publisher’s note: Differing perspectives are a cornerstone of journalism” regarding the placement of an ad from Pikes Peak Citizens for Life in the paper.

The ad in question features puppies with these words: “If Planned Parenthood killed puppies, THEN WOULD YOU CARE?”

According to the column, the ad caused angst among some staff members, but much to their credit, the paper published the ad.

While reserving comment on most of what was said in the column, I enthusiastically support this sentence: “But this issue is about more than just our stance on women’s health issues, it’s about free speech, free discussion and starting a conversation with those we disagree with — in order to learn about each other and find common ground.”

Pikes Peak Citizens for Life has been working for years to move this conversation forward, and I look forward to the participation of the Indy in this endeavor!

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