The Fight for Life: Billboards and Media

With all the bells and whistles of modern communication and social media, billboards remain an extremely effective form of advertising and are a key component of Pikes Peak Citizens for Life’s multi-media strategy for reaching citizens of every age and demographic.

PPCFL billboards are big and bold. You can’t escape them. You can’t shut them off. Unlike a TV, radio, or computer, a billboard can’t be muted or clicked away.

Billboards are the last unavoidable medium in a society that is increasingly fragmented.

Look for our campaign this fall – combining the life issues of abortion and assisted suicide. With radio, newspapers, social media and billboards, we are covering most of the mediums available.

We greatly appreciate all our donors who make it possible for PPCFL to continue to Defend Life from “womb to tomb” with big and bold messages to every person in Colorado Springs and those traveling through our Pikes Peak Community!

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