The Abortion World Report – A Great Resource

I recently obtained an amazing resource on abortion, the Abortion Worldwide Report. The following quote by Dr. Randall K. O’Bannon, PhD, Director, Education and Research, National Right to Life, captures the value of this publication perfectly:

“While many recognize the widespread legality of abortion in the world today, few recognize the full scope of our losses. After years of tracking data from countries all over the globe, Thomas W. Jacobson and Wm. Robert Johnston have finally documented what a century of abortion has cost us – over one billion innocent human souls. Others rely on complicates formulas and estimates, but Jacobson and Johnston have done the hard work of collecting real data and building a country-by-country record of actual abortions performed year by year. Those who wish to understand the magnitude of the problem, how it has impacted every country and culture, and what it takes to turn these trends around should get a copy of this book.”

The following summary, provided by the publisher, is used with permission. In the coming weeks, look for additional and more detailed blog posts on this phenomenal resource. – JB

The Abortion Worldwide Report (AWR) is the culmination of 35 years of research by the authors/editors, Thomas W. Jacobson and Dr. Wm Robert Johnston. Dr. Nicholas Eberstadt authored the sex-select abortion brief.

For pastors, Christians, and pro-life/family groups, the AWR is a great resource to help you know the truth and confidently prepare sermons or talking points, lead study groups or classes, and do research and write papers:

  • Rebuild Biblical foundations of the sanctity of human life, human rights, and understanding of civil government;
  • Gain an accurate knowledge of abortion, and what has happened in our and other nations after authorization, with 35 major findings that can be talking and sharing points;
  • Gain insight into how God views abortion, how deeply He is concerned about it and is holding us accountable, and what we should do to end it.

The only hope of forgiveness and restoration is through Jesus Christ, and will only be realized if pastors, the church, and Christians humble themselves, repent for our silence or active part in this great genocide, and then become salt and light bearers of the truth with grace.

Buy the AWR, read it, use it, and be part of the redemptive solution to this great evil in our midst.

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