The Abortion Dispute

After a pro-life defeat in the polls, as has just happened in Ohio, it is prudent to re-evaluate our communication approach in an attempt to discern if we can do better.

Important in any communication is knowing our audience and knowing the subject matter being communicated.

In a piece at The Catholic Thing, Michael Pakaluk aims to shed some light on this issue by noting what the abortion dispute is not about.

He notes that the process of conception was discovered in the late 1880s. With the understanding that conception creates a new human being, and that these new human beings have the same rights as we all have (equal rights had just been punctuated by the Civil War), abortion was made illegal in all the states.

But, he continues, this is not the dispute today. Today the issue is re-framed by Roe v. Wade and the sexual revolution.

It would behoove us to remember this reality in our communications and interactions.

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