Colorado Springs City Election 2023

Ballots for the 2023 Colorado Springs city election should be in your possession by now. As with all elections, lots of political statements are being made. One that we hear often from politicians wishing to wiggle out from under a...Continued

PPCFL 2021 City Council Candidate Survey

[Updated on Sunday March 14] The 2021 Colorado Springs City Council election is set for April 6. Ballots have already started to appear in mailboxes. As we have done in past elections, PPCFL is surveying the political candidates to help...Continued

Politics Trumps Science for Many Biologists

A worldwide survey of biologists was conducted by a doctoral candidate to ascertain when life begins. The response from 96% of the biologists was that life begins at fertilization. Yet some of these same biologists, who “admit the procedure’s [abortion]...Continued