Be An Angel of Life

A euthanasia supporter in Belgium was recently converted to a pro-life position. Unfortunately, it took the death of his mother by euthanasia to open his eyes to the culture of death. Without his knowledge, Tom Mortier’s mother, who was “in...Continued

IRS Uses Fear to Silence Pastors

In a recent article, the National Catholic Register notes how an atheist group attempted to use the IRS in an effort to silence a Christian pastor, Rev. Patrick Malone of Milwaukee’s Holy Cross Anglican Church. This is certainly not a...Continued

Colorado Abortion Access Mostly Unfettered

The polling aggregation website FiveThirtyEight has put together some graphics to show how abortion is restricted among the various states. The restrictions covered include waiting periods, mandated counseling, gestational limits, parental notice/consent, abortion facility standards, admitting privileges, and ultrasound requirements....Continued