Abortion is Child Sacrifice

You’re wrong if you think that the child sacrifice practiced by the Aztecs, the Incas, or the Canaanites is a thing of the past. A new video from the Canadian pro-life group Choice42 (Choice For 2) concisely draws the connection...Continued

Abortion Justifies Infanticide

What we hold to be true colors our decisions regarding other issues we encounter. For example, if we consider abortion to be acceptable, then infanticide becomes much more reasonable. Think this is crazy? Before you answer, check out this Breitbart...Continued

Let’s Harness the Outrage

Throughout our wonderful land, there is outrage over the fact that Planned Parenthood has been caught selling aborted baby body parts such as hearts and livers. In order for this to happen let’s first remember an innocent unborn baby had...Continued

Colorado Legislators Ignore Science

Abortion supporters often reject pro-life legislation by calling it religiously motivated and hence superstitious and contrary to reality. They declare that religion should not be imposed on people. However, pro-life reasoning is supported by medical science which concludes that the...Continued

Colorado Democrats Support Infanticide

WERE YOU AWARE OF THIS?  I WAS NOT! “Today, March 4, 2015, in the House Public Health Care & Human Services Committee, Colorado Democrats, on a party line vote, defeated the ‘Born Alive Infant Protection Act’ (HB 1112).  This bill...Continued