Distorting Language Again

Alert people at Students for Life noticed that Google changed the definition of “fetus” so that it no longer contains any reference to “baby”. As noted in a report from LifeNews, only a few weeks ago the Google definition included...Continued

Abortion Prioritized Over Healthcare Workers

As was noted in an earlier post titled “Abortion is Essential During Pandemic!?”, abortuaries continue to operate even though other non-essential businesses have been forced to close. In addressing this situation, which is occurring in Colorado and several other states,...Continued

PPCFL 2017 Fall Appeal

[caption id="attachment_2459" align="alignnone" width="1280"]Fall 2017 billboard[/caption] We are engaged in a battle of David vs. Goliath proportions and we need your help! As if the censorship of pro-life messages by the media and culture at large were not enough, in...Continued

Hospital Condemns Sick Child to Death

Another British child is being held by a hospital against his parents’ wishes. Alfie Evans, a 19-month-old, has an undiagnosed illness that the administration of the hospital in which he is currently present, Alder Hey Children’s Hospital, wants to treat...Continued