Some Good Legislative News

Colorado has not seen much good news as far as pro-life legislation is concerned for several years. However, just to let you know that good pro-life legislative news can occur, here are some examples (reported by of pro-life successes...Continued

The Inhumanity of Senator Michael Bennet

The US Senate on Monday killed the Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act. “The bill highlights how unborn babies feel intense pain when they are killed in abortions.” ( “All but three Democrats voted to support legalized and unlimited abortions...Continued

Trump Admin: Life Begins at Conception

The Trump Administration is proposing new language for the mission statement of the Health and Human Services Department (as noted in report from OpposingViews). Previously, as directed by the Obama Administration, the statement was: “HHS accomplishes its mission through programs...Continued

Caring for Baby

As the Colorado State Fair gets underway (as of Friday), at which PPCFL and Pro-Life of Southern Colorado team up to sponsor a booth, there was another story from the El Paso County Fair in July that I wanted to...Continued

Support at County Fair

An incident at the PPCFL booth during the El Paso County Fair served to unexpectedly uncover hidden support for life by an attendee at the fair. An older woman came up to the booth and was initially confused as to...Continued

Booth Orientation for County Fair

As the summer fair season approaches, PPCFL is hosting a booth orientation get-together. The aim of the gathering is to acquaint our volunteers with the latest information in the pro-life movement and with each other. All our volunteers, donors, and...Continued