Seminar Revealing Truth about Aid in Dying

Earlier this month (September) Pikes Peak Citizens for Life hosted a screening of the Fatal Flaws documentary (see more in our September newsletter). The documentary exposed the dangers of the legalization of assisted death (physician assisted suicide is legal in...Continued

Hospital Condemns Sick Child to Death

Another British child is being held by a hospital against his parents’ wishes. Alfie Evans, a 19-month-old, has an undiagnosed illness that the administration of the hospital in which he is currently present, Alder Hey Children’s Hospital, wants to treat...Continued

Be An Angel of Life

A euthanasia supporter in Belgium was recently converted to a pro-life position. Unfortunately, it took the death of his mother by euthanasia to open his eyes to the culture of death. Without his knowledge, Tom Mortier’s mother, who was “in...Continued

Under the Spell of the Culture of Death

The significant support of “suicide-by-doctor” (i.e., Proposition 106, physician assisted suicide) by Colorado voters, even some voters who were otherwise pro-life, in last November’s election has left many of us with the question of how it could have happened. Aaron...Continued

Colorado Now a Euthanasia State

The passage of Proposition 106, which legalizes suicide by doctor, has made Colorado a euthanasia state joining California, Oregon, Washington, and Vermont. Sold to the voters as a “compassionate” way to alleviate suffering, Proposition 106 employs twisted legal language and...Continued