Unfathomable Impact of Abortion

I recently viewed “Divided Hearts of America,” a documentary on abortion in the United States, and it reminded me of the death toll resulting from abortion worldwide. As noted at Abort73: “Accurate worldwide abortion statistics are difficult to come by...Continued

Abortion Pill Horror Stories

If people knew some of the stories behind the use of the abortion pill, it would not be as popular as it is. An article in LifeNews about the horrors of the abortion pill reports that “[c]hemical abortions represented 63%...Continued

Maternity Ward Closure Disinformation

A hospital in Idaho has decided to close its maternity ward, purportedly because pro-life laws in the state could be used to punish doctors. However, as reported in LifeNews, “Idaho laws do not ban health care.” What is going on...Continued

Number of Abortuaries Increases

A LifeNews commentary on the latest Operation Rescue annual survey of abortuaries is worth a look if you have some time. Briefly, some notable points made in the analysis of the survey: The number of abortuaries increased in 2021, including...Continued

Confirming Pamela Acker’s Sources

In earlier posts I referred you to an interview with Pamela Acker that touched on the relationship between abortion and vaccine development. One of the many shocking statements from Acker during the interview was that “babies are still alive when...Continued

Hearings at Capitol on Bills Concerning Life

On Wednesday March 24 there will be two pro-life bills heard in the House Health & Insurance Committee: HB21-1017: Protect Human Life at Conception (http://leg.colorado.gov/bills/hb21-1017)HB21-1183: Induced Termination of Pregnancy State Registrar (http://leg.colorado.gov/bills/hb21-1183) The committee hearing begins at 1:30 PM in...Continued