The March of the Culture of Death

The culture of death continues its march through Western society. As noted in LifeSiteNews, now that suicide by doctor is available in Canada for adults, some parents are asking that it be made available for children as well. You see,...Continued

Under the Spell of the Culture of Death

The significant support of “suicide-by-doctor” (i.e., Proposition 106, physician assisted suicide) by Colorado voters, even some voters who were otherwise pro-life, in last November’s election has left many of us with the question of how it could have happened. Aaron...Continued


Many ballot initiatives have serious unintended consequences, but none worse than Physician Assisted Suicide Initiative 145. First think “U” – Unintended consequences that cause irreversible harm. Including “D” – Doctors under enormous pressure to kill rather than heal. “I” –...Continued

Fighting Suicide by Doctor

Now that “suicide by doctor” (physician assisted suicide) is on the ballot, many pro-life organizations and people are shifting their education efforts into high gear so that the electorate may have some reliable information about the measure before they vote...Continued