Leaving 2018 and Starting 2019

Sobering news about 2018 greets us at the beginning of 2019. Nearly 42 million people died from abortion worldwide in 2018 making abortion far and away the leading cause of death worldwide, as reported by Breitbart and LifeNews. These reports...Continued

Return Ballots by November 6

You should have received in the U.S. Mail your Colorado ballot by now. These ballots are for the 2018 general election which concludes at 7 PM on November 6. (The El Paso County elections website provides details on numerous aspects...Continued

Ballots Soon To Arrive – Please Vote

Colorado ballots will soon be mailed for the upcoming general election on Nov. 6. (The El Paso County elections website provides details on numerous aspects of the election.) Please consider the candidates carefully before you vote. Consider the survey responses...Continued

Resolution for Life at 2018 Caucuses

[Updated 6 March 2018 to correct error in the last paragraph of the resolution.] Pikes Peak Citizens for Life is encouraging everyone to attend their respective caucus on March 6th and, once there, to support pro-life delegates and pro-life resolutions...Continued

Defining Extremist and Moderate

The definitions of “extremist” and “moderate” have been warped by our society. For instance, the last federal administration considered pro-life supporters to be extremists. In fact, they even grouped us with terrorists, as in those who kill innocent men, women...Continued

Support at County Fair

An incident at the PPCFL booth during the El Paso County Fair served to unexpectedly uncover hidden support for life by an attendee at the fair. An older woman came up to the booth and was initially confused as to...Continued

Don’t Pretend We Don’t Know

The secretary for Joseph Goebbels, propaganda minister for the Nazis, was recently interviewed. Now 105 years old, Brunhilde Pomsel notes, “No one believes me now, but I knew nothing.” However, she also says, among other things, that “…the idealism of...Continued