Death for Hip Fractures

In another reminder of the dangers of assisted suicide and euthanasia, there is a report out noting that three people were killed (euthanized) in Quebec within a one year period for hip fractures. More broadly, euthanasia now accounts for nearly...Continued

Consequences of the Culture of Death

Our society’s embrace of the culture of death can impose its grisly ideology in a host of ways. In LifeSiteNews a woman has conveyed how doctors had pressured her to abort her babies. She tells how doctors would require immediate...Continued

Sex Ed Law Promotes Abortion to Colorado Children

In case you missed it, Governor Polis signed House Bill 19-1032 (as noted on the governor’s website), the so-called “Comprehensive Human Sexuality Education” bill. In addition to many other detrimental requirements, the new law requires schools that provide instruction on...Continued

Abortion Is Not Health Care

Democrats have concluded that talking about abortion doesn’t help them. However, they strongly support abortion, including taxpayer funding of abortion. So, as explained by LifeNews, they are going to talk about health care instead, with the understanding that abortion is...Continued

The Insanity of “Wrongful Birth”

The culture of death brings to us many previously unthinkable realities, one being “wrongful birth.” The latest “wrongful birth” award was to a mother in Britain for about $12 million. She claims she loves her disabled child and simultaneously holds...Continued

The March of the Culture of Death

The culture of death continues its march through Western society. As noted in LifeSiteNews, now that suicide by doctor is available in Canada for adults, some parents are asking that it be made available for children as well. You see,...Continued