Almost Aborted: Lead Actress

The lead actress in the upcoming movie “Unplanned” discovered that she is alive today only because her mother made a LAST SECOND choice to walk out of an abortionist’s facility. The actress, Ashley Bratcher, has described her experience in an...Continued

Booth Orientation for County Fair

As the summer fair season approaches, PPCFL is hosting a booth orientation get-together. The aim of the gathering is to acquaint our volunteers with the latest information in the pro-life movement and with each other. All our volunteers, donors, and...Continued

Reflections from The Sidewalk

I am relatively new to the Pro-Life Movement. In fact, for almost half my life I would have identified myself as Pro-Choice. The story of how I switched sides can come later. For now, I thought you should know me...Continued

United Methodists Change Course Towards Life?

The Detroit News has reported on a remarkable development in the United Methodist Church. “America’s third largest religious body voted last week to quit the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice (RCRC), a Washington-based interfaith abortion rights lobby that the United...Continued

Conception Marked by Flash of Light

Several news outlets have commented on a study published this week by Northwestern University researchers that reports a literal spark of light occurs at the moment of conception. The flash of light is thought to be due to a release...Continued

A Glimpse of Hell

On Feb 16, 2016, Mr. Steve W. Mosher made a most impressive pro-life presentation at St Dominic’s Church.  (In fact, sitting behind my wife and me was Fr. Bill Carmody who passed away the following night.) Just a little research...Continued

Presenting Life

Recently, Pikes Peak Citizens for Life did a presentation to about 250 parishioners at a local church.  Our guest speaker, a post abortive lady, captivated the attendees as she sorrowfully talked about the suffering and trauma she experienced from her...Continued

Come Be Part of the Life Chain 2015

On Sunday October 4th Pikes Peak Citizens for Life will be sponsoring the annual Life Chain in Colorado Springs. We invite you all to take part (details are on our calendar). As I noted last year, some people question whether...Continued