Getting Past the Narrative

A communications expert provided some excellent advice for those of us trying to communicate to people who won’t get past the “narratives” set up by the media and political establishments. As noted by LifeSiteNews, David Charalambous, in addressing the “Reclaiming...Continued

Conversation with Indy Continues

In our July newsletter I commented on how an earlier ad PPCFL placed in the Colorado Springs Independent (the Indy) catalyzed a conversation with the Indy on the topic of abortion. The Indy appeared to backtrack on their publisher’s statement...Continued

Letter to the Indy Editor

As noted in a previous post, the Colorado Springs Independent (Indy) published a PPCFL advertisement even though there was disagreement among the staff at the publication as to whether they should publish it. The Indy publisher noted in an editorial...Continued

The Indy Rejects Canceling of PPCFL Ad

The Colorado Springs Independent “believes in diverse voices and diverse points of view.” So says the paper’s publisher and executive editor, Amy Gillentine, in a column titled “Publisher’s note: Differing perspectives are a cornerstone of journalism” regarding the placement of...Continued