Leaving 2019 and Starting 2020

Déjà vu! My first post for 2020 (this one) mirrors my first post for 2019. Sobering news about 2019 greets us at the beginning of 2020. Just as was the case in 2018: “More human beings died in abortions than...Continued

Shortage of Younger Workers

A thought provoking article was published yesterday by SFGate with the title “A ‘catastrophic’ trend in Maine: A shortage of caregivers.” In brief, the article laments the shortage of younger workers, not only for caregiving occupations, but even for such...Continued

Consequences of the Culture of Death

Our society’s embrace of the culture of death can impose its grisly ideology in a host of ways. In LifeSiteNews a woman has conveyed how doctors had pressured her to abort her babies. She tells how doctors would require immediate...Continued

Consequences of Suicide-by-Doctor

Once you accept that suicide is fine and that doctors should be able to help people commit suicide, you eventually get to the point where others can impose suicide on people who do not wish to die, a scenario that...Continued

Colorado’s Homicidal Ways

How many people have to die before we get our laws straightened out? In Colorado a child in utero is not considered a person. Therefore, the death of that child under criminal or negligent circumstances is not considered a homicide....Continued

A Glimpse of Hell

On Feb 16, 2016, Mr. Steve W. Mosher made a most impressive pro-life presentation at St Dominic’s Church.  (In fact, sitting behind my wife and me was Fr. Bill Carmody who passed away the following night.) Just a little research...Continued

Merry Christmas 2015

Christians throughout the world celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ tonight, primarily because Christianity understands Jesus to be God incarnate, born of a woman named Mary. However, even those who are not Christian can recognize the importance of birth. In...Continued