Abortion is Child Sacrifice

You’re wrong if you think that the child sacrifice practiced by the Aztecs, the Incas, or the Canaanites is a thing of the past. A new video from the Canadian pro-life group Choice42 (Choice For 2) concisely draws the connection...Continued

StorkFest This Saturday

As we have noted in our July newsletter and in a previous blog post, the StorkFest is going to be held on August 31, or in other words, this coming Saturday! The StorkFest is a pro-family, pro-fun, pro-life community event...Continued

Shortage of Younger Workers

A thought provoking article was published yesterday by SFGate with the title “A ‘catastrophic’ trend in Maine: A shortage of caregivers.” In brief, the article laments the shortage of younger workers, not only for caregiving occupations, but even for such...Continued

Girl Scouts and Abortion

For many years there have been questions about Girl Scout support of abortion and the abortion industry. A recent Breitbart article explains why such questions exist. Clearly the abortion industry has its claws on young girls via the Girl Scout...Continued

Comprehensive Sex Ed Bill Clears House

The Comprehensive Human Sexuality Education bill (HB19-1032) (details of the bill are available on the state legislative website) has passed the state House and will move to the state Senate. Over 300 witnesses turned up to testify on the bill...Continued

Abortion Evangelist Claims to be Pro-life

Twisted language is an oft used modus operandi of pro-abortion apologists. A recent example, as conveyed by LifeNews, comes from comedian Lizz Winstead. She calls herself an “abortion evangelist” and contends that women should be able to kill their preborn...Continued

The March of the Culture of Death

The culture of death continues its march through Western society. As noted in LifeSiteNews, now that suicide by doctor is available in Canada for adults, some parents are asking that it be made available for children as well. You see,...Continued