Survey Responses from 2019 City Election Candidates

[Updated 13 March 2019]

As of this posting we have received six responses to our issue survey from the fifteen candidates running for mayor and city council member at large in the upcoming city election.

We are making these responses available to you in an effort to help you make informed decisions in the April 2 election (ballots have already been mailed).

Updates will be made should any further responses be received.

Please protect life in the city by electing candidates who will defend life!

4 responses to “Survey Responses from 2019 City Election Candidates

    1. See the responses for the candidates to learn how they think about pro-life issues. If the candidate didn’t respond to the survey, I would assume they are not supportive of pro-life positions. PPCFL does not endorse specific candidates. Instead, we provide what information we can to you so that you can make an informed decision.

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