Survey Information for School Board Election 2021

School board elections are on your ballot (which should now be in your hands). It is important that we elect school board members who have a solid pro-life outlook so that they can positively influence the selection of the curricula and other materials that will be used for our children’s education.

We suggest reviewing the survey responses collected by the Church Voter Guides organization. They ask quite a few questions of the candidates and the responses should give you a sense of where they stand on life issues. Simply go to their website and pick the school district that you are interested in.

There was a school board candidate forum this past Wednesday at the Church for All Nations for Districts 11, 20, and 49. The forum was live-streamed and recorded so you can view it now if you wish. I was at the forum and I think you will find the recording to be helpful.

There is one more forum coming up this evening in case you can make it (as far as I can tell this one doesn’t have a live-stream associated with it):

Friday October 15

Church for All Nations Southwest Campus
2188 Executive Circle, Colorado Springs

6 pm – 7 pm, Districts 2 and 12
7 pm – 8 pm, Districts 3 and 8

It had been our hope to provide you with responses from our own PPCFL survey. The survey was sent but we ran into a snag with the results collection and will have to depend instead on the Church Voter Guides survey already mentioned and the forums being conducted in the city.

School board members have a significant impact on our children’s educational experience. We urge you to take the time and find the best candidates before you vote your ballot. Also, we encourage you to under-vote if you cannot find enough good candidates for the positions open on a school board.

Finally, let others know about the good candidates you have discovered so that they can also select these candidates.

Thank you for all you do to support and defend Life!

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