States Enacting Pro-Life Laws

Pro-life legislation is continuing to be enacted in several states.

As noted by LifeSiteNews, Oklahoma recently enacted three laws that protect the unborn:

  • Aborting a baby with a detectable heartbeat will be considered a homicide.
  • Aborting a baby for any reason other than to save a mother’s life will be considered “unprofessional conduct.”
  • Only board-certified OB/GYNs are allowed to perform abortions.

Idaho has enacted a law “which bans abortions of preborn babies with detectable heartbeats,” also reported by LifeSiteNews.

Additionally, as noted in LifeSiteNews, Arizona has banned eugenic abortions.

And Gov. Hutchinson enacted a law “making abortion illegal in Arkansas for any reason except to save a mother’s life,” once again reported by LifeSiteNews.

May the defense of life continue in these states and all the other states as well!

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