State Dems Want Even More than RHEA Provides

Colorado Democrats think the Reproductive Health Equity Act (RHEA) did not go far enough.

Sen. Julie Gonzales and Rep. Meg Froelich are already lining up new legislation to bolster abortion even more in Colorado.

These lawmakers say that they want more laws to “protect Colorado abortion care providers and anyone who seeks abortion care in the state.”

Since they are concerned with protecting people, they should also pass laws to protect pregnancy resource center care providers and anybody who seeks help from these centers. It is these care providers that are currently at-risk of violent assault from abortion supporters.

They should be concerned about the pregnancy resource care centers, but they are not. As promoters of the culture of death, they cannot perceive the great good that comes from the pregnancy resource centers. All they can see is the killing of children.

Let us transform the culture to one that supports life and can perceive that murder is no way to solve a problem.

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