Sidewalk Advocates for Life – Encounters

Sometimes when we tell people that we do Sidewalk Advocacy on the corner of Centennial Blvd. in front of Planned Parenthood they look at us quizzically. They ask, “what is that?” So, I asked one of our stalwart Sidewalk Advocates, Stacie Mohrman, to share for our Blog the details of some of her recent encounters. When Stacie steps out to hail a car she smiles and waves and often people will stop and listen to what she says. In her own words below are the stories of some of these conversations.

January 2nd,2019.  A young man drove around the corner and stopped to talk.  He said he was going into Planned Parenthood for an STD test.  I offered him information about Life Network down the street and told him Planned Parenthood charges for all services and at Life Network services are free.  He was excited about that drove forward turned around and went towards Life Network.

January 9th, 2019.  A young couple stopped and rolled down their window.  I asked them if they were going into the Planned Parenthood and the woman said yes that she needed to get a pregnancy test.  I told them we advocate for woman and let them know there are other alternatives to Planned Parenthood.  I gave them information about Life network and Dream Centers and told them Planned Parenthood charges for everything and Life Network does not.  She got very excited about that, they turned around and went towards Life Network Pregnancy Center!

January 9th,2019.   Two teen girls stopped and talked.  They were going into Planned Parenthood.  As a lot of teenagers are using some form of contraception I spoke about the dangers of the pill.  They both were receptive and took the pamphlet explaining the risks of contraception.  They did go into Planned Parenthood.

January 16th,2019.  A young woman and man in their early 20s turned the corner, saw our sign and stopped to talk.  She asked who we were with and I told her Sidewalk Advocates for Life.  I told her we help women to know there are other alternatives to Planned Parenthood.  I gave her a gift bag saying “sometimes it is a long wait inside and we have a few items for the wait”.  She took the bag and then said she was going in for the Depo-Provera shot for hormone imbalances.  I gave her the information about contraception and told her that we as woman are not being told how risky contraception is for our bodies.  She was a little abrupt in her tone of voice but was willing to listen and was receptive to taking the info.  Her boyfriend just listened.

January 23rd, 2019.  A young woman about mid 20s pulled over.  I asked if she was going to the Planned Parenthood and she said yes.  I told her we were advocating for woman, letting her know of the Life affirming options such as Dream Centers for Women and Life Network Pregnancy Center. She took all the information I gave her about Life Network and Dream Center.  I also gave her the pamphlet about the potential risks of contraception in our bodies.  She was very receptive.  I also told her Planned Parenthood charges for everything and these other places do not.  She did go into the Planned Parenthood.

January 25th,2019.  Young couple early 20s rounded the corner.  They did not stop as they were going into Planned Parenthood but after about 45 minutes they drove up on the opposite side so I went across and gently approached their car.  He rolled down the window.  I said, I noticed you were in the Planned Parenthood.  I wanted to let you know we are out here advocating for women and letting them know there are other alternatives to Planned Parenthood.  I shared Life Network Pregnancy Center information with them.  They were receptive and took it willing.  She said she was just going in to get a pregnancy test to confirm that she is pregnant.  She told me they wanted the baby.  She said the workers in the P.P. were not nice to her.  I said, “That is because you want the baby.” They sent her elsewhere for prenatal care.  She asked me if Life Network would help them to take the next steps and I told her yes they will.  They headed towards Life Network!

January 25th, 2019.  Two young women, early 20s stopped.  I asked if they were going to the Planned Parenthood.  I told them we are out advocating for women because we as women are not being told about the alternatives to Planned Parenthood.  I handed them info about Life Network pregnancy Center and shared with them how P.P. charges for all their services and you can get it free at Life Network.  They thanked me.  I said, thanks for stopping.  They did a u-turn and went towards Life Network!

Jan 30th,2019.  A young woman stopped, while looking at our sign that said Free Pregnancy test, Free Ultrasound, Free STI testing.  She had her window down so I asked if she would pull over and we can talk.  She did and shared with me that she was going into the Planned Parenthood for a pregnancy test and Ultra-sound.  I shared with her quickly that we are letting women know that there are other places than P.P. that will help you with free services. She was very intense, as she felt that she was pregnant and this was not a good time for this.  She was emotional.  I shared with her the places that she could go for them to help her through this such as Life Network and Dream Centers for Women.  While waiting for one of these places to answer the phone to get her in I spoke gently with her and identified with her, this difficult situation that she was in.  I gently affirmed the life of the child within her yet recognizing the strong possibility that she was pregnant was also causing her stress.  Our team eventually got a hold of Dream Centers for women and she left to go there!



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