Sidewalk Advocacy During COVID-19

Friends, as has been mentioned in previous blog posts, our Sidewalk Advocates for Life – COS teams are continuing their presence on the Sidewalk in front of Planned Parenthood during this pandemic. Be assured that we are complying with social distancing guidance, wearing homemade masks, and observing other safety protocols such as the use of antiseptic wipes and gel. You may ask why we are out there at all when there is a Stay at Home order in place in Colorado. You may have even seen stories such as this one detailing the arrest of pro-lifers engaged in a ministry similar to ours in North Carolina.

Our Advocates continue their presence because Planned Parenthood continues to do abortions. It is just that simple.

In the weeks since the Stay at Home order was handed down, our advocate teams have had numerous conversations with clients heading in to Planned Parenthood. We have provided these clients information about their options, alternatives to abortion, and help available at Life Network’s Pregnancy Resource Centers. Were we not there, it is unlikely they would have received such information.

Last week, after an advocate spoke with a young woman heading into Planned Parenthood, that same young woman came out and told a different advocate that she decided against having the abortion after seeing and talking to us. Our presence is making a difference.

I’ve spoken with many who defend Planned Parenthood because of the non-abortion services they provide to poor women, to those without health insurance, and to teens. While I don’t agree that the provision of such health services (annual exams, pap smears, contraceptives) justifies the grisly business of abortion, I do understand that these services could indeed be classified as health care, unlike abortion. I’ve always believed Planned Parenthood was being disingenuous when touting all the important services they provide and downplaying the centrality of abortion to their business. Well, now that belief is born out in the announcements made by Planned Parenthoods in some states that while check-ups, pap smears and contraceptive services are discontinued during this time, abortions are still being done. See this article for details.

I wish I could say I’m surprised.

Their motto may be “Care – No Matter What” but their actions show that it should instead be “Kill – No Matter What”

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