Ever wondered how YOU can be an advocate for Life? Come learn the peaceful, prayerful method of sidewalk advocacy from Sidewalk Advocates for Life (SAFL) and help women and men entering the abortion center to choose life! SAFL, sponsored locally by PPCFL, offers a peaceful, prayerful, law-abiding method that is very compassionate and woman-oriented and credited with saving thousands of lives at abortion centers across the United States and beyond!

The next training for Sidewalk Advocates is scheduled for June 29th from 9m to 3pm at St. Patrick Catholic Church, 6455 Brook Park Dr., COS, in the Bonnie Fitzpatrick Room. To learn this method and check out our program, please contact the Program Director, Julie Bailey at 401-578-4471 or More information at


Pikes Peak Citizens for Life has established a group of volunteers who will engage the culture and promote the value of life through activities directly addressing local, state, and federal law making and policy setting.

While these activities are not new to us, the creation of a dedicated volunteer corps is new. We will train the volunteers and send them off to the front lines of the pro-life movement.

In the past year we have equipped several groups of these volunteers and seen them testify fearlessly at the Colorado State House on behalf of a number of pro-life bills. Unfortunately, these bills have all been defeated in committee, but our volunteers remain undaunted.

If you would like to learn more about or join this group, either use the contact form on this website or email directly to PPCFL’s president, Matt Niedzielski  (



Every year in October, Respect Life Month, Pikes Peak Citizens for Life asks many local churches to support life by presenting our mission to their members and asking them to make a donation to PPCFL. In return, donors receive a beautiful red rose, the symbol of life. This is a massive logistical undertaking and PPCFL can use all the help we can get to make it happen. If you would like to help, or get your church or organization involved, let us know using the contact form or email us at



For many years, PPCFL has worked with local churches to establish this presence in concert with pro-life organizations around the country. Please consider joining us in one of these locations. Even better, get your church or organization involved. For further info contact: Linda Kracht at, or Stephanie Kemp at

National Life Chain Sunday

October 7, 2018

1:30pm – 3pm

A peaceful public witness of pro-life individuals standing for 90 minutes praying for our nation and for an end to abortion. A visual statement of solidarity by the Christian community that abortion kills children and that the Church supports the sanctity of human life from conception.

In COS: line up along Academy Blvd. starting at Austin Bluffs Blvd.

Free loving signs provided on both sides of the street.

(lots of parking available at Rocky Mtn. Calvary)

In Monument: line up along Highway 105

Free signs provided in Safeway parking lot or old Park & Ride west of I-25.