Shortage of Younger Workers

A thought provoking article was published yesterday by SFGate with the title “A ‘catastrophic’ trend in Maine: A shortage of caregivers.”

In brief, the article laments the shortage of younger workers, not only for caregiving occupations, but even for such tasks as unloading crates of lobster.

Young people are even missing as volunteers.

Maine is noted as having passed a remarkable milestone last year: “A fifth of its population is older than 65, which meets the definition of ‘super-aged,’ according to the World Bank.”

Even more remarkable is that Maine will be joined in this category “by more than 15 other states” by 2026!

According to the article, money is present to pay the workers (although the wages are not necessarily that great), but the workers just are not there.

This scenario begs a question: What would the situation look like had the United States not killed over 60 million children in barbaric abortions since 1973???

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