Sex Ed Law Promotes Abortion to Colorado Children

In case you missed it, Governor Polis signed House Bill 19-1032 (as noted on the governor’s website), the so-called “Comprehensive Human Sexuality Education” bill.

In addition to many other detrimental requirements, the new law requires schools that provide instruction on pregnancy outcomes to treat abortion (i.e., the killing of children) as an equivalent choice to adoption or parenting a child. [To verify this conclusion for yourself, see the signed act here and then search it for the word “abortion” and read the paragraph, numbered 6.5, in which the word appears.]

This means that the state will be indoctrinating our children in the culture of death starting at a very young age.

The challenge for us is to counter this imposition of the state upon our children and society.

Pikes Peak Citizens for Life will continue to resist the culture of death including this new tribulation inflicted by a seriously-compromised state government on the citizens of Colorado.

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