RNC 2020 – Most Pro-Life Convention EVER!

The 2020 Republican National Convention has been called the most pro-life convention ever. If, like me, you missed the RNC broadcast, fear not. The speeches are available via YOUTUBE, and I highly recommend you AT LEAST seek out and watch the following:

Abby Johnson

Sr. DeDe

Jack Brewer

Daniel Cameron

Coach Lou Holtz

Musical Finale

At Pikes Peak Citizens for Life, we will not endorse any specific candidate, however, it is important to us to highlight pro-life moments in our Nation’s history, and I believe this is a profound pro-life moment. The platform of the Democrat Party enshrines abortion through all of pregnancy. The candidates representing that party name as a preeminent priority the removal of any and all limits to abortion.

They pledge to end protections in our national policies that prohibit the use of tax dollars to pay for abortions (The Hyde Amendment). In fact, they propose that abortion SHOULD be paid for with tax dollars.

We at PPCFL encourage ALL voters to consider seriously, before you vote, how the gift of life and the dignity of all human persons, at every age and stage, will be treated by the candidates you support.

And if you are not registered to vote, REGISTER NOW. Make sure your voice is heard on November 3rd.

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