Return Ballots by November 6

You should have received in the U.S. Mail your Colorado ballot by now. These ballots are for the 2018 general election which concludes at 7 PM on November 6. (The El Paso County elections website provides details on numerous aspects of the election.)

Please consider the candidates carefully before you vote. Consider the survey responses we were able to obtain from some of the candidates.

Additionally, since PPCFL was not able to get responses from a number of the candidates, especially the state-wide candidates, consider the survey responses that Colorado Family Action was able to obtain and publish in their 2018 Midterms candidate guide.

We also encourage you to conduct your own investigation of the candidates, for example through internet searches that will reveal candidate sites and media articles.

Once you have conducted your research, vote for the most pro-life candidate in each race. Also consider pro-life concerns when voting for any ballot initiatives.

By exercising your vote to bring pro-life candidates into office and pro-life initiatives into law, you will help build a culture of life in Colorado.

Thank you for defending life in Colorado!

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